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Verification and certification of containers and transport units

Benefit from more than three decades of research and development and the knowledge from the experts behind globally recognized standards

More info about remote surveyThe container industry is under pressure to deliver certified containers cost efficiently and within shorter timeframes. When building, procuring or maintaining containers you need to have a good understanding of the standards and certification regimes governing their use and regulations to ensure that your containers meet all requirements for safety, stability and usability.  

DNV’s container certification service and flexible range of survey options address these challenges and enable more efficient, fast and reliable container certification. We have more than three decades at the forefront of standards development, subject matter expertise and progressive digital technologies and our customers benefit from a worldwide network of experts behind the DNV container standards: DNV-ST-E271, E272 and E273 as well as other global container standards.  

The global offshore industry is heavily dependent on temporary equipment, but care must be taken not to introduce new risks to an offshore installation or negative impacts on existing equipment. Temporary equipment is subject to steadily increasing attention by operators, regulators and other stakeholders. It needs to be:

  • Safe to transport and lift in potentially harsh offshore environments
  • Safe to operate on any given installation.

DNV's Standards for Certification 2.7-1, 2.7-2, and 2.7-3 represent a suite of globally-recognized standards for the certification of offshore service containers. With due consideration given to international codes and standards and the developing needs of the offshore market and our customers, our individual standards stand alone for specific types of equipment, next to  complement one another, addressing all physical configurations and operational functions for typical items of temporary equipment transported and used offshore. No other class society or certification provider can match our body of knowledge and expertise relating to temporary equipment, and only DNV can offer comprehensive certification services.

DNV certification covers:

  • Offshore containers (used for oil and gas industry, wind farms)
  • Reefer and thermal containers
  • Tank containers
  • Swap bodies
  • Flat racks, bin racks, platform containers, roll tracks
  • Open top containers
  • Special purpose containers, e.g. for special transport, installations, working or living.

Our services apply to new and modified containers, including manufacturing companies, repair companies and container owners. 

We provide:

  • Design and document review including digital design approval for DNV 2.7-1 containers
  • CSC and customs approval
  • Certification to international standards (e.g. ISO, DNV-ST-E271, E272 and E273, EN, DIN, UIC, ATO, ADR/RID, IMDG)
  • ACEP document review
  • Type tests
  • Remote surveillance in cases when distances might otherwise make on-site attendance costly
  • Inspection of damages, repairs, modifications
  • Production witness 
  • Initial inspections
  • Periodical inspections for tank containers
  • Approval of test facilities
  • Special certifications, i.e. one door off, floor test etc.

Advance your container business with DNV certification and benefit from:

  • Safe containers that enable easy handling, transport and storage
  • Full-service solutions providing a variety of certifications from a single source
  • Most efficient certification processes saving you time and money based on latest technology and service options
  • Expert support in all safety and compliance matters
  • Trust and confidence from your customers due to reputable DNV certification.

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