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Noble Denton marine services - Standards Wizard

This application provides access to our marine warranty standards, DNV-ST-N001 MWS Approval of marine operations and DNV-ST-N002 Site specific assessment of mobile offshore units for marine warranty, including the latest clarifications and interpretations.

The latest marine operation knowledge

The standards provide the latest requirements and guidance for marine warranty based on DNV insights and experience, including the heritage of our legacy DNV and Noble Denton organizations. Access to our marine standards will support project risk control and provide assurance to stakeholders and underwriters. Having set best practice in marine warranty for more than 50 years, we help our customers go beyond compliance.  Our standards wizard gives easy access to our knowledge for you to reduce risk and increase project efficiency.

Convenient access and project specific guidance

Access to the detailed and rich content of the standards is provided in two different ways, according to needs and preferences. The unique wizard functionality offers a project specific abstract of the standards based on a selection of simple criteria. Alternatively, a full pdf-copy of the standard can be downloaded to be at hand when offline or when having poor internet connection. 

Use of the standards

DNV's Noble Denton marine services' Standards Wizard, as the standards documents themselves, requires the application of industry knowledge and experience. They should be used by competent and experienced companies and people only. Where DNV is the Marine Warranty Survey provider, the documents delivered through the DNV Noble Denton marine services Standards Wizard should be read in conjunction with our service description DNV-SE-0080 Noble Denton marine services - marine warranty survey.

How to get started

The Marine Warranty Wizard and the September 2018 edition of DNV-ST-N001 are now available.

Access to the standards requires a paid license, single person or a multi-user license depending on your organization's needs. The license is offered on our Veracity marketing page with the following scopes:

  • The marine warranty standards DNV-ST-N001 and DNV-ST-N002 only as you can find here.
    This license package includes the Marine Warranty Wizard with its unique project-specific functionality.
  • As part of our license package for service documents for the energy industry as you can find here.

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