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Noble Denton marine services – marine warranty survey

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Edition 2020-06 - Amended 2021-09

This document - DNV-SE-0080 - provides a description of the process used by DNV Noble Denton marine services when providing marine warranty survey (MWS) services to evaluate whether a marine operation can be accepted for the purposes of insurance-related MWS. It addresses both project and MODU/MOU related MWS. The main deliverable of the MWS process is a certificate of approval (CoA) for marine operations or location approval for MOUs.

The industry best practice benchmarks for the MWS service are provided in documentation made available through the DNV Noble Denton marine services warranty standards wizard accessed via Veracity. This marine operations documentation may also be used as desired for non-MWS purposes, e.g. for activities such as inspection, oversight or owners representative.


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