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EU Offshore Safety Directive

How to achieve compliance and boost operational performance

DNV offers a full portfolio of targeted advisory and independent verification services which can be tailored to your specific needs.

DNV GL surveyors at a yard

We offer a systematic approach to achieving regulatory compliance, regardless of where you are in the compliance lifecycle;

Phase 1: Assess current status and improvement needs

  • Identify potential gaps that need to be addressed to ensure Directive compliance and 
  • Make recommendations on the most cost-efficient means to close those gaps.
Phase 2: Implement means to compliance and enhanced performance
  • Provide third-party independent verification services or advisory support to enable customers to achieve compliance targets including all required documentation.
Phase 3: Ensure ongoing compliance and continuous improvement
  • Provide independent verification services with required documentation, reported through a dedicated customer web portal.

Targeted portfolio of Offshore Safety Directive services

We tailor our portfolio of independent verification and advisory services to help companies to achieve compliance and further improve operational performance.

Independent verification services

Advisory services

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