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EU Offshore Safety Directive

Independent verification services

Our targeted verification services are designed to specifically address Directive requirements, enabling operators to achieve both compliance and improved operational performance.

Choosing us as your independent verification partner means gaining access to our full range of technical expertise, including insight into best practices, methodologies and technologies.

Throughout the verification process, our surveyors not only focus on verifying that requirements are met, but also contribute to solutions for safer, more reliable and cost-effective performance long-term.

Our approach ensures an easy-to-audit, timely and controllable verification process based on the highest technical standards. 

Our EU OSD independent verification services are tailored to meet the Directive requirements:


Article 17 14 a

Directive requirements
  • Give independent assurance that the safety and environmentally critical elements (SECEs) identified in the risk assessment for the installation, as described in the report on major hazards, are suitable and that the schedule of examination and testing of the SECEs is suitable, up-to-date and operating as intended.
DNV GL services
  • Verification of suitability of SECEs and review of associated operational performance standards
  • Verification of SECE performance in accordance with operational performance standards.
  • Verification report/letter of compliance to Article 17, 4 (annually and/or ad hoc, as required)
  • Verification report/letter of compliance - one-off or 2 reports/year, as part of annual survey of topside facilities (ASTF)/annual survey of structures and risers (ASSR).

Article 17, Annex V, Sec. 3 

Directive requirements
  • In respect of notifications of well operations, to give independent assurance that the well design and well control measures are suitable for the anticipated well conditioning at all times.
DNV GL services
  • Verification of wells.
  • (Verification is partly covered through ASTF)
  • Verification letter/report
  • Offshore verification statement.

Article 17 14 b

Directive requirements
  • Material changes shall be referred to the independent verifier for further verification in accordance with the scheme for independent verification and the outcomes of such further verification shall be communicated to the competent authority, if requested.
DNV GL services
  • Verification of material changes (for changes impacting major accident hazards). 
  • Design verification letter
  • Onshore verification statement
  • Offshore verification statement.

Unique to DNV GL’s in-service verification service and at no extra cost, we provide customers with a web-based portal that enables access to up-to-date and relevant verification data and documentation. This ensures full transparency and insight into the verification process from the start to finish. The portal is customizable, enabling operators to access information by individual asset.

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