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EU Offshore Safety Directive

Advisory services

Our full portfolio of risk-based advisory services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We help customers not only to identify and manage major accident risks in line with the Directive requirements, but also to improve the overall safety, reliability and cost efficiency of operations.

Advisory services

As an industry leader in safety and environmental risk management, we can support operators in making risk-informed decisions when preparing for Directive compliance, contirbuting to more cost-effective fulfillment of the requirements.

A full portfolio of risk-based advisory services targeting compliance

Operators are required to document that all suitable measures are taken to prevent major accidents. We can assist customers with:

  • Identifying and analysing overall risk, and evaluating how procedures might be modified to satisfy requirements
  • Identifying major accident hazards
  • Identifying SECEs related to each major accident hazard
  • Developing of performance standards for SECEs
  • Developing of the verification scheme
  • Managing SECEs
  • Establishing criteria for MEIs
  • Planning material changes.

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Adding value to compliance

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Read about our targeted verification services

We offer independent verification services designed to specifically address Directive requirements

Recommended practice (RP)

DNV-RP-G104 'Identification and management of environmental barriers' enables compliance with the Directive

DNV-RP-G104 Identification and management of environmental barriers

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