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DNV offers the SEEMP Part III Generator

Since the adoption of the IMO guidelines in June 2022, DNV has been offering the SEEMP Part III Generator to all our DCS customers. This online tool reduces paperwork and efforts, and it can be used by both ship managers and third-party consultants working on behalf of DNV’s DCS customers.

Your benefits of using DNV’s SEEMP Part III Generator:

  • Free of charge for DNV’s DCS customers
  • Integrated solution covering your emissions management needs and a working platform for carbon intensity management, strongly affiliated with other DNV decarbonization services (e.g. DCS, EEXI, CII)
  • Smart proposal of energy efficiency measures, helping you to reach the required CII and improve your fuel-efficient operations, while giving you hints on the impact on the CII or combination of possible measures
  • Efficient and smoother verification process, with the verification status overview in Fleet Status
  • The plan template is pre-filled with data already in DNV’s database, and all the data reported in the SEEMP Part III will be digitally stored in this same database
  • Easy updating and storing of your current version since the plan will be subject to updates at least every three years and in some cases more often, making it crucial to have the data in place, easy to edit and ready to submit with updates for verification
  • In case your vessels have similar particulars, plans can easily be copied from one to another to avoid manual duplicate work

DNV offers the SEEMP Part III Generator

Thanks to easy, digital process, creating and submitting your SEEMP Part III for verification is effortless:

  • Log into the customer portal via the Veracity platform
  • Go to SEEMP Part III page which is available for all the vessels having DCS verification with DNV
  • Fill in information required in the SEEMP Part III using automatically prefilled data and smart drop-down lists  
  • Review the draft plan and submit it for verification

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