CII – Carbon Intensity Indicator

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Operational carbon intensity advisory services

Maritime Advisory by DNV is already experienced in assisting shipowners and operators in energy efficiency and developing decarbonization strategies and roadmaps. Optimizing energy efficiency and navigating the different carbon abatement technologies are becoming an essential part of our services and will be essential for compliance with CII requirements from the IMO and other stakeholders.

We structure our CII offering in three steps:

  1. CII calculation and GHG target benchmark – evaluate current CO2 emission status and benchmark towards agreed GHG trajectories
  2. CII improvement screening – screening of cost-effective operational, technical, and alternative fuel abatement options for individual vessels
  3. Preparing and reviewing roadmap – preparing a vessel-specific improvement roadmap (that later can be included in the SEEMP), describing alternative pathways for CII alignment

The 3-steps can also be applied for futureproofing a newbuild. When applied to a newbuild, compliance targets for the lifetime of the vessel should be considered. A vessel delivered today must be future-ready as it will undergo upgrades (e.g. change of fuel) during its lifetime.

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