WIN WIN - Wind-powered water injection

A new promising concept for wind-powered water injection

The energy industry is in an unprecedented time of transition, endeavouring to supply the world with affordable, clean and reliable energy to meet the increasing demand.

Win Win- Wind powered water injection

By matching the development of floating wind turbine technology with the oil industry’s need for water injection for maximizing oil recovery, DNV GL proposed a concept called WIN WIN, which stands for WINd- powered Water INjection. WIN WIN comprises a floating wind turbine which supplies power to a water injection process, and is a fully stand- alone system that includes pumps and basic water treatment. 

To evaluate the concept , for the past year, participants from both the renewable and oil and gas industries have worked together in the DNV GL-led WIN WIN JIP to develop the concept of using floating wind turbines to power a water injection system in detail, and assess its technical and commercial feasibility. Technical and operational aspects as well as costs have been assessed.  The JIP partners include ExxonMobil, ENI Norge, Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd., Statoil, VNG Norge, PG Flow Solutions and ORE Catapult.

Green light for wind-powered oil recovery

The WIN WIN project shows how recent developments in floating offshore wind turbines offer a clean, reliable, and cost effective alternative for powering water injection in offshore locations. It opens the door to a new and fruitful collaboration between two major energy industries; using wind turbines to power water injection in a fully stand-alone system. The project has demonstrated that for suitable fields, wind-powered water injection is technically feasible, meets the oil industry’s performance targets, and offers a cost-competitive solution.

Accelerated energy transition through joined forces 

WIN WIN is technically feasible and a wind-powered water injection system meets the industry’s technical, functional and commercial requirements, offering a realistic alternative with unique benefits. A summary of the findings can be found in the project report. 

WIN WIN joint industry project
A standard wind turbine is mounted to a floating foundation. This foundation also serves as a platform for the water injection system.
The WIN WIN project showcases that the oil and gas industry can become a creative force in solving the world’s energy trilemma by driving development of reliable, clean and affordable technologies. This is a win for both the oil and gas and for the wind power industries.”
Remi Eriksen,
  • Group President and CEO, DNV GL

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WIN WIN - Wind-powered water injection


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