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Offshore projects continue to grow and scale, amplifying challenges related to handling transportation, installation and lifting of offshore structure components and their equipment

The complex nature of marine offshore operation requires the best software solution to manage risks and reduce operational costs. We believe success depends on this.


Simulation and visualisation for marine operations

The software Sesam and its associated modules lets you visually simulate, test and evaluate marine operations ahead of offshore handling. These modules allow you to significantly reduce risk for transportation, installation and lifting of fixed and floating structures, and the installation of subsea equipment. Sesam enables you to manage the risks of marine operations, conduct what-if analysis and gain a thorough understanding of the challenges to come. 

Learn more about how Sesam and its supported modules can support your risk management.

Great for:

  • Managing risks of operations 
  • Lift and installation analysis 
  • Offloading  
  • Transportation
  • Marine operations