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Improve your safety performance with incident management software

Synergi Life Incident Management has been developed over several decades to keep people safe, protect your business and your environment.

  • Implementing Synergi Life Incident Management will impact every aspect of your business, from operations to finance, no matter your industry sector.
  • From start-ups to complex and multi-layered organizations, the Incident Management software module lets you analyze incident data so you can recognize trends and ensure overview of compliance requirements.
Nynas finds new ways of working with Synergi Life

Synergi Life is really good for investigation of incidents and audits, from consequences and loss potential to actions needed - it’s all there. We even have Synergi Life integrated into our human resources system, we don’t spend any time on user management.

  • Bjørn Ekman ,
  • Director TQM ,
  • Nynas

From incident management to incident prevention

Synergi Life Incident Management supports your processes to:

  • Identify and document incidents
  • Centralize, organize and prioritize incidents
  • Investigate and find the root-causes of incidents
  • Escalate incidents
  • Resolve incidents quicker
  • Monitor corrective and preventive actions 
  • Learn from incidents and prevent their (re)occurrence

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