Synergi Pipeline Simulator software modules

Synergi Pipeline Simulator is a fully integrated, configurable software suite comprised of a core simulation engine that can be enhanced with unique modules – Statefinder, Leakfinder, Trainer and Predictor.


Statefinder provides a powerful on-line decision support tool. Using proprietary state-estimation technology, the Statefinder software module can provide real-time information such as: 

  • Composition, quality, ownership, batch, pig tracking 
  • Inventory analysis 
  • Virtual instrumentation 
  • Pressure monitoring and alarming
Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Statefinder


Leakfinder provides real-time leak detection, sizing and location. Unique state estimation technology in the software module gives you optimal performance, even with poor or missing input data. SCADA or telemetry issues will have minimal impact on leak detection performance.


Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Leakfinder


Training pipeline controllers so they are ready from day one to maximize operational revenue is a challenge that faces many pipeline operators, particularly on new pipelines. Ensure that your controllers are fully trained to recognize and respond to abnormal pipeline behaviours or emergency situations with Synergi Pipeline Simulator’s Trainer module. Trainer provides a highly realistic simulation environment, much like a flight simulator for pilots. The Operator Qualification (OQ) tool allows you to manage the pipeline operator qualification process, demonstrate compliance with legislation and provide an auditable record of operator training.


Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Trainer


The Predictor software module provides contingency planning, survival time analysis, nominations validation and much more.

The Predictor is built upon Synergi Pipeline Simulator technology and is used by pipeline operators to predict the future state of the pipeline by extending the current state of the pipeline, obtained from Statefinder, forward in time.


Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Predictor

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