Scenario Manager

Highly configurable, easy-to-use predictor model scenario scheduling tool for enhanced operational decision making

Scenario Manager is an intuitive web-based, multi-user application that empowers control room operators to build and run scenarios quickly and easily, enabling better operational decisions. It transforms predictor from a single user desktop application into an integrated accessible business system. 

Control room operators need to plan hours ahead to account for changes in weather, unexpected demand, supply issues, or equipment outages. Addressing this need is Scenario Manager, a short-term predictive planning tool that can generate accurate results quickly with very few simple inputs. It is designed to help operators  manage their daily gas transmission operations by predicting and comparing future system states based upon different operational decisions.

With Scenario Manager you can:

  • Import and manage large amounts of supply & load forecast data 
  • Plan compressor and regulator operations 
  • Manage linepack and determine survival time 
  • Plan response to unexpected events such as supply interruption or equipment failure 
  • Predict future energy blends 
  • Make informed operational decisions quickly 

Key benefits of Scenario Manager: 

  • Fast hydraulic execution speeds. Scenario Manager can yield a configuration of 10,000+ data points, returning results within a few minutes.  
  • Fast intuitive scenario definition. 
  • Easy to use with a web-based multi-user interface. Simplified user experience for the control room. 
  • Simultaneous runs and comparison of cases. 
  • Adjustable setpoints, forecasts, demand, and supply. 
  • Scenarios are queued and run on the server. 
  • All equipment is integrated within the model with adjustable loads. 
  • Results are available in tabular or trend graphs. 
  • Make better operational decisions, quickly. 

Explore how Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), using DNV’s Scenario Manager, bolsters energy resilience across the gas network by better identification and response to disruptions:

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