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Managing daily gas transmission operations efficiently with hydraulic models

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Predictable forecasts and perfectly balanced systems are scenarios system planners dream of. But in real-time operations, the weather is unpredictable, linepack stores are not always easily transported to the demand center, supplies may be interrupted, and equipment may fail. Given these real-time operational challenges and continuing system complexities, a highly configurable and easy-to-use predictive modelling system is essential to help operators plan system operations and complete contingency planning to deal with any unexpected system issues.

Addressing this need is Synergi Pipeline Simulator’s Scenario Manager, a short-term predictive planning tool for the control rooms, developed to help operations teams deal with tightening supply and managing inventory/ linepack to meet demand more accurately

Watch the recording to see our presenters introduce Scenario Manager and showcase how Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) use Scenario Manager to manage their daily gas transmission operations efficiently.

The webinar demonstrates how Synergi Pipeline Simulator Scenario Manager can help you:

  • Import and manage large amounts of supply & load forecast data
  • Plan compressor and regulator operations
  • Manage linepack and determine survival time
  • Plan response to unexpected events such as supply interruption or equipment failure
  • Predict future energy blends
  • Make informed operational decisions quickly

This webinar video includes a demo of the Scenario Manager application and concludes with a Q&A session


  • George Giannatos, Principal Transmission Engineer, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)
  • Chris Davison, Product Manager – Synergi Pipeline Simulator, DNV