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Digital trust services

Organizations and industries are investing significantly into AI and other digital solutions, but often struggle to demonstrate the trustworthiness of these emerging technologies to stakeholders. 

This is the trust gap that DNV seeks to close with the launch of new services and a set of recommended practices for the safe application of industrial AI and other digital solutions.   

Demonstrating the safety and trustworthiness of technologies allows stakeholders to take full advantage of digital solutions, increasing the efficiency and profitability of the business. It also ensures you are ahead of regulatory requirements.

Tailored services for your industry

DNV knows how to increase the quality and robustness of both physical and digital systems. Our physical asset domain knowledge allows us to evaluate the real-world application of digital solutions and guide companies through their digital transformations.

The digitalization journey can vary significantly between different organizations. Factors such as size of the organization, industry, existing technology infrastructure, regulatory environment, and corporate culture can all influence how digital transformation is approached and implemented. DNV applies a tailored approach based on the customer´s specific challenges and needs.

A trusted partner in digital transformation

Expert advice

Our experts can help you get a complete overview of how to get value from digital investment and improve efficiency, with acceptable risk and cost. 

We can help you with digital roadmap, framework development and use-case definition, and gap analysis. We also give advice on business and technical requirements and conduct training of your staff.

Compliance and capability

Our updated suite of digital recommended practices (RP) covers each of the digital asset building blocks. Following one, or a combination, of our RPs will make your organization, your partners, and your clients confident that you can rely on your digital assets. 

Maturity assessment

Succeeding with digital transformation requires much more than mastering technology. Having the necessary organizational capabilities both in-house and with suppliers and vendors is key to success. 

At DNV we offer technology qualification, maturity assessment and capability assessment. 

Areas where clients often request our services:

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We help you confidently start using AI, by assuring the quality of the various digital building blocks your chosen tools consist of, from sensors to data quality to models to the algorithms and the training data used in your AI tools. With new regulations coming into effect, DNV can help you build quality controls into your AI applications and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

Learn more about DNV's AI services

Digital twins

To ensure business value, you must quality assure your digital twin with the same rigor as your physical assets. We can help you ensure that your digital twin is designed properly and that there are controls in place so that it maintains its accuracy and reliability throughout the lifecycle of the asset. 

Check out DNV's Digital Twin buyers' guide

Cyber security

Hundreds of new cyber threats are emerging every day, as cyber criminals become faster and more creative. Know your cyber risks, build a powerful force of defence against threats, recover from attacks and win the stakeholder support you need with clear and practical advice from DNV. 

Our specialists are here to help you 

Information modelling

An always-updated digital information model of a physical asset, is at the core of achieving interoperability, and reducing waste throughout the asset lifecycle from early stages until end of life. It can also be the backbone of the asset Digital Twin. Applying DNV’s Information Modelling Framework, based on international standards and open source tooling, enables automation of verification tasks, real time decisions, trustworthy application of AI technologies and more.

Register your interest in receiving our upcoming RP on Asset Information Modelling Framework (DNV-RP-0670)

Data quality and management

Our data quality experts have wide industry experience and understand the importance of maintaining high data quality for your digital assets to remain reliable.

Learn how you can trust your data

Supporting tech-innovations

We will review your product or service and provide you with a DNV quality stamp or guidance on what needs to be improved for you to meet the applicable standards. 

Get an assurance mark by DNV with eMark

(Requires Veracity by DNV platform free of charge subscription)

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