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Karl John Pedersen

Principal Data Specialist

Karl John is a seasoned data and GIS specialist with over 20 years of experience in scientific and technical roles across both private and public sectors.

About Karl John

Karl John Pedersen's expertise encompasses data principles, IT and GIS. He possesses in-depth knowledge of data management, data quality, spatial data analysis, Python model development, databases and Esri GIS software. 

He completed his M.Sc. in GIS at the University of Edinburgh in1994. Currently serving as a Principal Consultant at DNV, Karl John focuses on data governance, management, and quality. Prior to this, he held the position of Senior GIS Consultant at the Norwegian ESRI distributor, Geodata, Oslo (2006–2011). Additionally, he contributed significantly during his tenure as a Senior IT Consultant and GIS specialist at the University of Durham (UK) from 1997 to 2005, as well as at Geoplan (UK) from 1995 to 1997. 

Karl John's wealth of experience continues to drive advancements in data management and GIS practices. 

Field of expertise University/School Year

Field of expertise

Master of Science, Geographic Information Systems


University of Edinburgh



Field of expertise

Bachelor of Science, Geography


Aberystwyth University



A Systematic Review of Data Quality in CPS and IoT for Industry 4.0 

Arda Goknil, Phu Nguyen, Sagar Sen, Dimitra Politaki, Harris Niavis, Karl John Pedersen, Abdillah Suyuthi, Abhilash Anand, Amina Ziegenbein. ACM Computing Surveys. Jul 2023 

A blockchain-based framework enabling trusted quality data sharing towards zero-defect manufacturing 

Mauro Isaja, Phu Nguyen, Arda Goknil, Sagar Sen, Erik Johannes Husom, Simeon Tverdal, Abhilash Anand, Yunman Jiang, Karl John Pedersen, Per Myrseth, Jørgen Stang, Harris Niavis, Simon Pfeifhofer, Patrick Lamplmair. Computers in Industry. Apr 2023 

The role of Data Quality in Model and Algorithm Assurance 

Karl John Pedersen. Oslo Big Data Day Conference 2019 presentation. Mar 2019 

How to ensure IoT sensor data are fit for use 

Karl John Pedersen. Geotek Norwegian User Conference 2019 presentation. Feb 2019 

Dynamic resource modelling - environmental risk analysis for Arctic oil and gas activity  

Karl John Pedersen. Esri Norwegian User Conference 2016 presentation. Feb 2016 

Analysing Big Data in ArcGIS - AIS based risk modelling 

Karl John Pedersen. Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference 2014 presentation. Nov 2014 

Use of GIS in Environmental Risk Management projects 

Karl John Pedersen. Esri European User Conference 2012 presentation. Oct 2012 

Taking AI and other digital technologies from hype to real value

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