Introducing Cascade Connect (previously known as CARE)

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Do you know which equipment is at greatest risk of failure, which equipment should be replaced and where to focus your maintenance budget more effectively?

This webinar marked the repackaging and release of the Cascade module, CARE - rebranded as 'Cascade Connect'. Watch this webinar to hear our Cascade experts discuss the capabilities of Cascade Connect.

Cascade Connect expands the capabilities of your Cascade implementation, extracting more value from existing investments in real-time equipment monitoring, such as SCADA and condition monitoring data. Connect acts as an intelligent data filter, monitoring equipment, alerting you to critical events and reporting on performance indicators.

The main presenter is Henry Otley, Product Manager, Electric Grid. Henry is joined by Walt Bitz, Head of Consulting, Electric Grid.


  • Why rebrand CARE?
  • Cascade Connect customer value
  • How Connect works and key functionality available
  • How utilities are using Connect
  • Overview of implementation process