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Cascade Connect

Real-time data filtering and monitoring for Cascade

Make better decisions and avoid equipment failures before they occur

Do you know which equipment is at greatest risk of failure, which equipment should be replaced and where to focus your maintenance budget more effectively? Cascade Connect uses your utility’s existing real-time data to inform and improve your answers to these questions.

With Cascade Connect, you can access and use more of your data. You’ll have an up-to-date picture of changing conditions throughout your fleet of monitored assets, so you can anticipate problems before they occur.

Cascade Connect is a configurable solution with sequenced workflows, that is easily administered and supported. You don’t need your data scientists to write code, design complicated algorithms or build and maintain a tailor-made system. Instead, you and your teams can focus on optimizing performance and capital investments. Your domain experts can use drag-and-drop functionality to find what they’re looking for, efficiently and cost-effectively.

How does Cascade Connect work?

Cascade Connect monitors and analyzes incoming streams of data to anticipate and respond to leading indicators of failure before they become problems. It consolidates data from Cascade and real-time data archives, such as PI System from OSIsoft or eDNA from AVEVA, then uses functions to analyze and report back.

Bring together visual, diagnostic and real-time data to understand the causes of each failure mode, including those that are not strongly influenced by time (events, high load, high temperature, lightning, corrosion). Your reliability engineers and domain specialists can quickly use Cascade Connect to perform the analyses and look at the scenarios they need.

Utility monitoring with Cascade Connect

  • Continuously monitor your equipment’s performance and environment, sending utility asset management alerts when events you define occur
  • No software coding necessary, simplifies to specific workflows that you will need
  • Enhances and extracts additional value from your investment in SCADA and real time data collection
  • Extensible design connects with new sensors added through timeDrag-and-drop functionality for building algorithms
  • Executes functions for monitoring events related to:
    - Equipment health
    - Periodic inspections
    - Operational stress
  • Your custom needs
  • Evaluates data from multiple data sources:
    - Real-time data
    - Inspection data
    - Diagnostic tests
    - Equipment nameplate, location, and position

Cascade Connect integrates with multiple existing data sources

Cascade Connect filters and aggregates information from disparate sources into an easy-to-use function builder, which allows users to construct formulas that represent the critical scenarios that are important to your organization. Information is then automatically recorded in Cascade, which allows you to take full advantage of Cascade’s triggering engine for alerts and maintenance order generation. 

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Cascade Connect flyer

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