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Webinar: Introducing Cascade Insight - a data visualization tool for Cascade

Cascade Insight provides actionable intelligence on grid analytics, electric utility asset performance mangement and substation maintenance data

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Building the broader asset performance management view with actionable intelligence from Cascade

Power utilities spend a significant portion of their operations and maintenance budget on maintaining the health of critical substation assets. DNV GL has developed a web-based grid analytics application to provide these critical equipment insights to asset maintenance and substation maintenance programs - Cascade Insight.

Watch the webinar to learn how Cascade Insight can enable your utility to begin answering critical questions at a glance, such as:

  • How many high-risk assets are there and where are they located?
  • What is the breakdown of high risk equipment by equipment type (transformers, breakers, relays, switches, etc.)?
  • What is the status of maintenance orders? How many are overdue?
  • How many equipment, spares, parts locations are there?
  • Which location in my system has the largest maintenance cost?
  • Where is my largest maintenance cost by equipment category, type, manufacturer and model?
  • What is the total amount of forecasted work by year?