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Technology qualification

Our risk-based process assists in the building and operating of new technologies in a safe, reliable and eco-friendly way.

New technology can either make a project possible or enhance its value. So the technology developer needs to build up the operator’s or buyer’s confidence in the technology in order to convince other stakeholders to leverage it.

We developed the industry-recommended practice for qualifying new technology: The DNV-RP-A203 Qualification Procedure for New Technology. Our approach has also been adopted by many oil majors and independents across the world. Applications range across the board – from onshore to offshore industry as well as maritime applications.

Our experts combine risk management expertise with extensive knowledge of the different new technologies. Since we are an independent company working with both operators and technology vendors, we have accumulated great insight into most of the industry’s failure modes and mechanisms. Based on our international expert network, we are capable of assessing and qualifying your new technology for its intended use.

Our knowledge base makes us a unique partner for qualifying technology and improving its reliability and performance.

We assist you in managing the qualification of a new technology:

  • Improve confidence in the system and allow for more efficient use of resources
  • Identify necessary design changes at an early stage to avoid costly modifications in the future
  • Reveal opportunities to improve system design
  • Optimise qualification testing and analysis efforts for more reliable results
  • Increase the likelihood of qualifying the technology on time, thus minimising risk to the schedule
  • Reduce the risk to cost during operation by reducing uncertainties and increasing reliability