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Equivalence analysis for vessels and components

Your ideal partner for support and guidance through an evaluation of an alternative design solution.

Special circumstances require special measures. Sometimes a solution cannot be “out of the box”, yet every innovative design or solution still needs to comply with national or international regulations for safety.

Safety equivalence analysis

To verify the equivalence of innovative constructions, systems, components, materials or operation to prescriptive designs, we use analysis methods and processes geared toward MSC/Circ. 1002, MSC/Circ. 1212 and MSC/Circ. 1455.

Equivalence analysis for fire zones

We evaluate the size of the main vertical zones, large fire protection closures and the use of innovative materials for potential compliance to SOLAS regulations SOLAS Ch. I Reg. 5 and SOLAS Ch. II-2 Reg. 17.

Equivalence analysis for life-saving appliances (LSA)

If you want to use large lifeboats or tender boats for more than 150 persons, we can analyse the LSA in line with SOLAS Ch. I Reg. 5 and SOLAS Ch. III Reg. 38.

Probabilistic Analysis

To evaluate potential equivalence of your innovative constructions, systems and components to a proven design, we also use high-level probabilistic analyses in combination with finite element analyses.

Save costs and remain competitive with equivalent evaluation from DNV:

  • Obtain a thorough evaluation of your novel design with state-of-the-art methods and analysis tools that ensures that your design is safe
  • Profit from our extensive experience with alternative design approach of novel designs, LSA
  • Get guidance for how to document and show equivalence of your design and LSA