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Fire safety and evacuation analysis

Get a reliable assessment of your fire safety and evacuation routes for safeguarding life in an emergency.

Think what it could mean if you do not have a reliable fire safety concept or evacuation routes, and then an emergency situation arises. The impact on your image and business could be detrimental.

Whether you have an offshore platform, tanker or passenger ship, also with a theatre or large open space, our experts assess the fire safety situation and provide solutions to any challenge.

Our assessment covers:
  • Smoke and fire propagation
  • Usability of escape routes
  • Effects of fire on the structures
  • Simulation of human traffic flow

This is complemented by the simulation of effectiveness of fire safety systems and the intervention of fire detection and suppression systems.

Combined consideration of fire simulation and evacuation processes rounds out our holistic approach. Performance-based assessment of evacuation concepts and overall on board traffic together with analysis of evacuation scenarios evaluates whether your measures are sufficient for relevant criteria.

Our recommendations are based on years of experience and expertise. They focus on your precise needs while balancing the protection of life, your assets and costs. Our evacuation analysis is also ideal for speeding up passenger-handling processes – saving time and increasing your cruise ship’s competitiveness.

Be prepared in an emergency situation or speed up processes with support from DNV:

  • Ensure a high level of fire safety also for alternative vessel designs and layouts
  • Chance to offer innovative designs to create wide open spaces or large public areas on board passenger ships
  • Reliable estimation of the evacuation time based on human traffic flow simulations, leveraging our reputable AENEAS software
  • Reduce port time by shortening processing times of check-in or boarding situations Increase time for day trips for passengers and improve your competitive edge