Maritime Advisory by DNV

Your trusted partner for technology and industry development.

How DNV Maritime Advisory supports you

With a deep understanding of the global maritime landscape, with cutting-edge technology and a thorough risk understanding, we partner with our clients to improve newbuild concepts or operational performance, or to ensure compliance with regulations or other stakeholder requirements.

Traditionally, we have supported stakeholders in the maritime industry with technical, risk and economic matters. Today, our capacity also covers decarbonization, sustainability and digital transformation.

For assistance in the challenges of today and in planning for the future, whether you are a shipowner, manager, shipyard, manufacturer, operator, cargo owner, insurer, financier or other stakeholder in the maritime industry – reach out to DNV Maritime Advisory.

Get access to our maritime domain knowledge and experience, alongside cross-disciplinary collaboration within DNV. Let us help you navigate the ever-evolving maritime industry challenges and achieve your business goals. 

Explore our maritime solutions or contact us directly for more information.