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Subsea pipeline design with Sesam Pipeline software

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Our subsea pipeline design software offers ultimate strength and fatigue analysis for efficient offshore pipeline design

Efficient strength and fatigue analysis of subsea pipelines

Sesam for pipeline contains a collection of seven software modules to support offshore pipeline engineers in efficiently performing analysis calculations for offshore pipeline design. All modules follow DNV's Offshore Standards (OS) or Recommended Practices (RP) and its unparallel acuracy is proven by clients around the world for subsesa pipeline design.

Sesam for pipelines consists of these software modules:

Pipeline Engineering Tool

The Pipeline Engineering Tool is a software calculation tool for early phase offshore pipeline assessment covering different aspects of pipeline design. The tool is a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) based on program with a user-friendly interface.


StableLines is an engineering analysis tool for assessment of on-bottom stability for subsea pipeline design in compliance with DNV-RP-F109 'On-Bottom Stability Design of Submarine Pipelines'.


PILSS is a software tool used in the design of offshore cables and pipelines, providing dynamic on-bottom stability assessments in accordance with recommended practice DNV-RP-F109.


FatFree is an advanced free span analysis tool for fatigue analysis of free-spanning pipelines in compliance with DNV-RP-F105.

DNV-ST-F101 Code Compliance

Submarine Pipeline systems Code Compliance program is for code checking according to the DNV Offshore Standard for Submarine Pipeline Systems. DNV-ST-F101 Code Compliance is a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) based software program with a user-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet interface. This tool replaces the DNV-OS-F101 Code Compliance tool.

DNV-RP-F101 Assessement of Corroded Pipeline

Calculation of collapse and combined local buckling of subsea pipelines subject to corrosion, according to DNV-ST-F101.


SimBuck software is a simplified global buckling analysis tool for offshore pipelines. It enables direct interpretation of Recommended Practice DNV-RP-F110 for Global Buckling of Submarine Pipelines in early-phase engineering practice. SimBuck is a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) based program with a user-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet interface.

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