Pipeline, umbilical and cable lateral stability software – PILSS

PILSS is a software tool used in the design of offshore pipelines, providing dynamic on-bottom stability assessments in accordance with recommended practice DNV-RP-F109 (rev. 2021).

Maintain safe and reliable stability design of offshore pipelines, flexibles, umbilicals and cables while reducing conservatism with the efficient and user-friendly dynamic on-bottom stability assessments provided by PILSS.

With the PILSS calculation tool for dynamic time-domain analyses of lateral on-bottom stability for submarine pipelines, umbilicals and cables, engineers are able to reduce necessary weight and seabed intervention costs while maintaining safety.

Bottom stability design in shallow waters

PILSS software for pipeline, umbilical, cable and flexibles lateral stability, is a stand-alone tool that also complements our StableLines software. PILSS provides detailed dynamic analysis, while StableLines supports simplified methods (absolute static and generalized methods) in accordance with DNV-RP-F109.

PILSS offers realistic time-domain analysis based on more precise lateral displacements, in contrast to simpler design methodologies.

The software, built on proven technology, has been developed by DNV in cooperation with the industry in the PILSS Joint Industry Project, and has been field tested for years.

With PILSS, users gain advanced features, such as:

  • 2nd order irregular wave theory (for shallower waters)
  • Advanced clay soil interaction models in accordance with DNV-RP-F114
  • Static installation effects on pipe-soil penetration
  • Batch runs straight from GUI

Three user interfaces 

PILSS provides three separate 32-bit and 64-bit compatible user interfaces:

  • User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) – guides you through all the input parameters
  • Powerful CLI (Command Line Interface) – enable scripting of large batch analyses
  • Efficient API (Application Programming Interface) – connect directly with in-house engineering applications, e.g. Python scripts

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