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Software tools for energy storage

DNV has developed software tools to handle the complexity of energy storage value streams, helping maximize its benefits.

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Jason Goodhand

Jason Goodhand

Global Business Lead Storage

The multiple uses of energy storage mean multiple possible value streams. That complicates the optimization of storage design and operation, particularly within wind and solar projects. Stakeholders need to optimize the value streams to maximize value, often in a competitive situation. It’s a complex task due to the large number of possible options regarding technology, power rating, energy storage capacity and control capability.
Taking away the complexity
DNV has developed its own internal software tools to handle the complexity of energy storage’s multiple revenue streams. These tools allow outline design, detailed analysis and optimization of energy storage projects. They can be used at the feasibility stage, in design, financing, and in operation. Applying the tools, we can help you maximize the benefits of your storage system.
For all renewables, it means:
• Quicker and more confident sizing at feasibility and outline design stages
• Better analysis of competing options in final design and procurement, and
• Minute-to-minute optimization of storage capacity use in operation.
Using market knowledge
In developing these tools, we have drawn on our extensive market knowledge, particularly our substantial experience in addressing customer challenges in multiple projects covering many different situations, regulatory regimes and energy markets.

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