KERMIT power balancing in energy storage

DNV uses KERMIT to provide technical assessment of the impact of balancing services in power system operation and stability.

The penetration of renewable energy on the grid impacts real-time system operations and frequency stability. Energy storage systems have inherent characteristics that create new ways to compensate for negative renewables impacts. Consequently, energy storage will have an increased role in renewables integration, bringing benefits to the different energy markets and improving system operations. For reliable system operation, grid operators must evaluate the risk of reliability events and test grid control strategies with high renewables penetration or under new market schemes.

System assessment
DNV’s KERMIT tool is used to study the technical impact and feasibility of using energy storage as a reserve unit in your operations. KERMIT simulates the dynamics of power generation, real-time system operation, and frequency control at an intra-hour timeframe. In general, KERMIT allows the assessment of system frequency stability for any energy technology with renewable energy system penetration.

By combining KERMIT with DNV’s SFLEX (for measuring renewables variability) and PLEXOS (for defining economic dispatch), future scenarios can be built to simulate market and grid operation with, for instance, high penetration of renewables.

Additionally, KERMIT can be used with power system planning tools PowerFactory and PSS/e to provide a more detailed analysis of system stability.

KERMIT answers key questions about your system, such as:

  • Can the current control strategy capture the full potential of fast regulation resources such as batteries?
  • How can you make and judge the capability of an energy neutral signal?
  • What is the impact of distributed resources on system inertia and grid stability?
  • Will a new technology perform properly when integrated into a grid?
  • What are the real-time / balancing market economics of all the above?

Proven projects
KERMIT is a well-established tool, with more than 19 projects carried out in the last 8 years in the US, Aruba, Egypt, Norway and the UK.

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