Safe and cost-efficient lay-up of vessels

We assist owners and operators in ensuring safe and cost-efficient lay-up for all ship types.

Laying up a vessel is often a measure to reduce costs. At the same time, the vessel must be kept safe, maintained, and ready for operation when needed.

Performing evaluations of location, mooring arrangements, class, maintenance, insurance, staffing, and inspection is necessary when laying up a ship. Which is why our experts have developed the DNV Lay-up Guideline and support owners through all phases of a vessel lay-up.

Covering all ship types – from container to RORO, OSV or MOU – DNV provides:

  • Decision-making support and due diligence
  • Specification review and development
  • Vessel criticality analysis and preservation planning
  • Lay-up supervision
  • Site evaluation, including local wind conditions
  • Mooring analysis for safe lay-up
  • Project risk management and cost control
  • Lay-up Declaration, Preservation Declaration and Recommissioning Declaration for stakeholders
  • Lay-up service provider certification

In addition, documentation and guidance for re-commissioning can be provided.

How you can benefit from expert support from DNV for vessel lay-up:

  • Safe and cost-efficient vessel lay-up
  • Reduced insurance during lay-up
  • Reduced class scope during lay-up
  • Reduced re-commissioning time and cost
  • Reduced insurance risk after re-commissioning

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