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Regulatory GAP assessment

DNV assists you in navigating updated regulations or new industry standards and how these differ from your current and future operation.

A changing regulatory landscape, stakeholder requirements and operational patterns can lead to compliance issues. Either concerning the level of compliance, documentation, scope or feasibility of future operations.

Our solutions consist of mapping the regulatory landscape of assets and operations in order to identify requirements and implications for your vessel.

If you as the owner, operator or charterer has new requirements, DNV offer GAP assessments to identify deviations and document them, and assist you in establishing strategies to achieve the required standards.

DNV Maritime Advisory has detailed knowledge of relevant regulations such as:

  • Statutory regulations (SOLAS, LSA Code, FSS Code, SPS Code, IGF Code, etc.)
  • Class rules
  • Shelf state requirements: PSA, UK Shelf, GoM, etc.
  • Industry organisations: OCIMF, SIGTTO, etc.
  • Oil Major requirements
  • Vetting support
  • Regional requirements

How you benefit from using DNV for Regulatory GAP assessment of your assets and operations:

  • Compliance with updated regulations and new standards
  • Industry-leading evaluation of compliance that you can rely on
  • Commercial attractiveness through credible documentation
  • Operational readiness at all times for peace of mind