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Decision support for newbuilding and retrofit

We support the management of newbuilding, conversion, retrofit and other projects – from pre-contract to recycling.

The challenges of changing markets and trading patterns, complicated regulatory regimes and cost pressures making your design, shipyard and programme follow-up decisions ever more complex.

We make sure your vessel is fit for purpose – whether it is a newbuilding or conversion project. Our support helps you stay within budget and provide a high-quality ship or MOU on time.

Specification development and review

We assists you in developing a specification that meets your needs. In addition to establishing functional requirements we review general arrangements, the main drawings and technical specifications to ensure the agreed technical standard, performance and quality of your vessel.

Yard assessment

We assess the yard’s ability to build or convert and deliver the vessel according to the contract, specifications, budget and time schedule. Financial, legal and political issues may also be addressed.

Project risk management

We provide support for management decisions in all phases of a project’s life cycle. Applying a systematic approach to identify, analyse and manage risk against  project schedules and goals we contribute to reduce the risk of time and cost overruns. 

Construction monitoring

Project progress is monitored for each of the production phases, with a focus on possible deviations from quality, schedule, budgets and other important plans and strategies.

Project management support

We assist your newbuilding project team in defining and managing cost-effective project schedules and goals. This includes multi-dicipline project managers to technical specialists through project development, planning construction and commissioning.

Use DNV Maritime Advisory as your partner for reliable newbuilding and retrofit support:

  • Develop outline specifications meeting customer’s requirements, standards and industry best practices
  • Ensure delivery of vessels fit for purpose, on time and within budget
  • Reduce the risk of newbuilding delays and cost overruns
  • Leverage DNV’s multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise
  • Profit from competent input backed by broad knowledge and global experience
  • Benefit from customised support in line with your business and shipping needs

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  Benefit cases

Benefit cases

Newbuilding & retrofit support