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Renewables project engineering

Technisches Projektmanagement für erneuerbare Energien

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DNV gives you all the renewables Project engineering support you need through every stage of building and managing an energy project.

Building and managing a renewable energy project involves a whole range of capabilities. However, project owners are unlikely to have all the necessary qualities available in-house. They will need support from technical specialists for designing the ‘nuts and bolts’, buying equipment, or project managing the construction. To ensure efficient and safe engineering, you need the support of a global player that understands renewables and has the experience to ensure project success.

Project engineering for all your needs
DNV offers a diverse suite of services to satisfy all your project engineering needs from the concept design phase through to construction, operation, and even decommissioning. We can assist you on a specific project element (grid connection) or the entire project. If you are buying a project, we are ideally placed to provide you with an overall technical assessment, and to put that into the context of the financial and commercial risks involved.

Skilled people and specialist services
Our project engineering services for onshore and offshore wind, and solar energy sites utilize skilled people covering two very distinct areas:

  1. Civil engineers, electrical engineers and turbine specialists involved in the detailed aspects of design, design review and detailed engineering support
  2. People who provide specialist services into projects, providing project management through construction, as well as procurement support and commercial assessment of the technical risks (due diligence)

Reliable, global support
With DNV's project engineering services, you gain reliable support from experts who can help and advise you throughout the entire project life cycle. Our expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, across the whole engineering field and all areas of construction.

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