Wind turbine appraisal

DNV’s wind turbine appraisal service guides you to choosing the best models for your project, together with an overview of technical risks and their mitigation.

Choosing the best wind turbine for your onshore or offshore site is a major task. Identifying the risks and/or opportunities involved in using a particular model is a vital step in the project plan. And today's proliferation of turbine models can make it difficult to keep track of currently available technology and which models may provide the balance of cost and technical performance.

The risks associated with modifications to existing turbine models as part of technology evolution – such as rotor diameter and blade designs – may also be difficult to identify, yet have a significant design impact on a project’s bottom line.

Appraising turbines for your project
We can clearly state whether a turbine is suitable for your project, as well as providing an overview of the technical risks involved, including ways to mitigate or manage those risks.

Using our unique, in-depth knowledge of turbine technology and the supply market, we will deliver a report which helps you make confident business decisions. Within our reviews we will comment on expectations for each turbine model, based upon the:

  • Manufacturer’s track record in developing, manufacturing and service
  • Specific turbine module design concept
  • Design verification (certification and verification measurements)
  • Track record of the operating fleet

Unparalleled global network of expertise
DNV draws on over 30 years of involvement in the wind industry. We have performed detailed Due diligence on more than 100 different turbine types including all the world’s major manufacturers.

Our deep technical understanding is supported by extensive experience from development and operating projects worldwide, ensuring that we provide you with the most reliable project support whatever the specifics of your project.

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