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Construction management for offshore wind farms

Professional Construction management from fabrication all the way through to commissioning helps ensure your offshore wind project is delivered on time and within budget.

Offshore wind farms typically have more and larger turbines than their onshore counterparts. Because offshore wind is increasingly being developed further from shore, in deeper water and harsher conditions, it poses huge logistical, safety and installation problems for new sites.

Smoothing the path from construction to commissioning
As specialists in managing all of the interfaces, throughout all phases of an offshore wind project, DNV takes your project smoothly from construction to commissioning. You can use us as an integral part of your project team providing specialist package services. Alternatively, you can opt for our complete construction management service covering part or all aspects of managing your project and this can be provided on a bespoke basis to exactly fit your needs.

Either way, you can rely on us to ensure the protection, safety and performance of components and people both onshore and off. This includes component monitoring and measurement, set up and monitoring communication systems for routine and emergency situations & vessel co-ordination, and overseeing staff/contractor movements during transit and on site.

Our extensive range of advice, supervision and project management services include:

  • Wind farm construction and installation of all components
    • Health & safety monitoring/management
    • Methods and means – ensuring they are safe, clear and will work
    • Fault and risk identification and management
    • Interfaces management of components and contractors
    • Problem resolution – technical advice and consultancy
    • Quality assurance and inspection services
    • Certification
    • Document control & management services
  • Wind farm commissioning
    • Maritime coordination
    • Health & safety
    • QA
    • Electrical consultancy

Major project experience
We can enhance the successful completion of your project, anywhere in the world. You can rely on our vast experience across all engineering fields, as we utilize the knowledge gained through major projects, such as Thanet and Borkum West II offshore wind farms. Also, we are one of the few companies that have performed deep water wind farm development, far from shore.

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