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Qualitative safety studies

Qualitative safety studies

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Achieve and maintain high levels of operational safety and asset integrity

Reducing major accident events and losses is a key issue both onshore and offshore. In major process industry accidents, inadequate process safety is often the main cause. 

DNV offers a range of qualitative safety studies that can be applied to your onshore and offshore facilities. 

We can help you with; 

  • Safety cases
  • Bowtie analyses
  • Barrier studies and 
  • Emergency response planning. 
We can provide you with the most up-to-date regulatory advice, and we frequently work with the authorities to develop the regulatory framework itself. 

Our offshore expertise includes production units, topsides, risers, structures, pipelines and subsea systems, including all types of floating and fixed installations. 

Our onshore expertise includes terminals, refineries and chemical plants, and we are a leading advisor for onshore pipelines. 

Whether you need a single study, a suite of studies and analysis, or an integrated programme that includes other services such as quantitative analysis, asset integrity or performance modelling, our industry-leading software tools and databases ensure our engineers and consultants have access to the latest available information and techniques at all times. 

Our approaches can be applied to established assets, modifications and capital projects and our management system tools are equally applicable to existing systems or the development of new ones. 

The strength, diversity and reach of DNV services gives you the leading-edge risk management, asset integrity, reliability and other global best practices you need to achieve major improvements in your safety performance. 

What you get:

  • Scalable, tailored solutions
  • Standard solutions (HAZOP, HAZID etc)
  • Advisory and training services
  • Global availability.

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