Performance forecasting

Improving production efficiency by optimising asset maintenance, operations and design

Asset owners need effective methods to assess and select the right initiatives for production gains or operating cost reduction.

All existing assets and future developments are under pressure to increase performance and minimise operating and capital costs. Performance forecasting is an essential service to support decision-taking in the concept, design and operational phases of an asset, meeting the production efficiency challenge by enhancing operational performance.

Our unique methodology forecasts the long-term performance of complex assets by using state of the art software to produce dynamic models of facilities and generate a quantitative picture of performance for the entire life cycle. 

We also help you clarify the complex relationships between production, configuration, reliability and mitigation measures.

Building on traditional RAM analysis techniques, we've also extended the methodology to include real world flexibility and production constraints other than availability issues.

In the past 25 years, we have applied this methodology to more than 1500 projects for existing and grass-roots assets, including upstream facilities, subsea production, onshore plants, onshore and offshore LNG, refineries, petrochemical plants, production and distribution networks.

What you get:

  • Identification of performance improvement potential 
  • Quantification of impact from potential improvements options (and/or threats)
  • Initiatives ranked for potential production efficiency impact and cost effectiveness
  • Measuring of gap between current and best-in-class performance
  • Help determining performance targets in order to focus reliability improvement efforts
  • Targets achieved with minimal OPEX/CAPEX.

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