Advanced simulation modelling

Services that address complex fluid flow challenges

With the rising capital development cost of projects worldwide and increasing number of projects suffering from significant cost and schedule overruns, it is paramount that the industry uses the latest simulation techniques to develop robust design solutions.

Our advanced simulation and modelling services address complex fluid flow challenges such as fire, explosion and cryogenics, to help you design safe, robust and cost-effective solutions.

By applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques integrated with advanced risk models we can help you significantly reduce capital development costs. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art modelling that avoids the over-conservatism of some simplified modelling approaches.

We can help you minimize maintenance and inspection costs through detailed optimization of protection requirements for major hazards, and deliver safe and cost-optimized layout solutions by taking account of the actual physical distribution of equipment and piping within the facility. 3D visualization provides a clear understanding of the key risk drivers.

DNV has provided advanced CFD risk-based solutions to oil and gas companies worldwide for more than a decade. Our thorough approach combines leading industry CFD software with in-house probabilistic tools for robust solutions that confirm the benefits of your key project design decisions, and help you meet regulatory requirements.

What you get:

  • Integrated risk solutions that leverage our multi-disciplinary capability in CFD, quantitative risk assessment and structural analysis
  • Industry-recognized experts
  • Advanced techniques based on internal and industry-led research and development
  • Probabilistic fire and explosion modelling
  • Fire and gas mapping optimization
  • Exhaust gas and turbulence analysis for helideck
  • Passive fire protection optimization
  • Subsea and CO2 dispersion modelling
  • Fire and explosion experimental testing
  • Structural response analysis
  • Extensive testing facilities at Spadeadam Research and Testing, UK.