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Navigational risk assessment

Our expert assessment supports safe navigation and thus the protection of your assets.

With increased vessel traffic, it is imperative that any potential obstacles to navigation are assessed in advance. Hazards to the crew, the environment and your asset should be avoided at all times.

DNV’s approach can determine the navigational risk for different situations:

1. Ships in restricted waters and coastal waters

For ships sailing in arctic waters, e.g. our risk assessment reviews met ocean information from the navigation route to create a qualitative risk evaluation of the hazards, including the means to reduce and mitigate risk. Oil tankers also benefit from an overall risk picture for documenting and benchmarking risk levels.

2. Installations such as platforms, wind farms, cables and pipelines

We analyse vessel traffic for any given area with AIS data to determine the probability of a collision occurring and its consequences for traffic in those waters. Thus, wind farms, cable installers and other similar operators can gain acceptancy from the authorities for installation and operation.

3. Assessment of harbour / terminal traffic

Backed by our database of vessel traffic and nautical expertise, we are able to assess the potential risk due to terminal modifications, e.g. implementation of LNG bunkering. Starting with a HAZID, the relevant scenarios are modelled and quantified. Additional risk control options are developed and assessed.

Count on us for helping to boost your operations and ensure shipping safety at the same time:.

  • Meet customer and authority requirements
  • Gain support in identifying risk-reducing measures to enhance safety
  • Benefit from expert recommendations in line with your needs and with compliancy
  • Be in a better position to make sound decisions with respect to safe navigation, including in arctic conditions
  • Profit from more effective operations, thanks to our holistic approach which can also support you in increasing the level of certain activities