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Managing major accident risk

Our experts are here to support you in taking a proactive approach to safety that considers the connection between man, technology and your organization.

Accidents can have catastrophic effects on your crew, can lead to environmental and financial disasters, and can damage the image of you and your company. An independent partner can help you optimize your safety behaviour.

Our experts have in-depth and cross-disciplinary experience with identifying what factors influence and can improve human performance. Our work is tailored-made to address the factors that are relevant to your setting and needs.

Safety culture development

Gain insight into the quality of the safety culture in your organization. Our approach is tailor-made, is based on a sound methodology, and provides specific and practical recommendations for an improved safety culture.

Safety barrier management

Our safety barrier management solution involves a systematic and traceable process, which is essential for ensuring that you have all necessary operational and technical barriers in place. 

Human reliability analysis (HRA)

Gain insight into the likelihood for human error in a particular scenario through understanding how specific performance-shaping factors influence human performance.

Function-based bridge management (FBBM)

Optimize the bridge manning structure by introducing more flexible manning structures based on the proactive evaluation of a particular work situation under various circumstances and scenarios. 

Organization and manning study

Determine whether your manning plan and organizational chart support optimal performance of all necessary tasks in all situations and with a suitable workload. 

Let DNV help you assess the safety measures that concern man, technology and your organization:

  • Reduce the likelihood for major accidents by taking into account the factors that influence the human element
  • Support the development of a safe and efficient working environment
  • Ensure transparent and continuous improvements in your safety culture
  • Implement a safety barrier management strategy that allows you to identify and control necessary operational and technical barriers
  • Optimize level of workload and manning across shifts and roles for all possible tasks and scenarios