GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice for grid-connected energy storage

Your one-stop guideline for safe and sustainable grid-connected energy storage

The market for grid-connected energy storage systems is relatively new and unexplored – but growing rapidly. For a successful deployment, you need clarity and shared expectations between buyer and supplier. To enable that, DNV took the lead in bringing together an international consortium of industry stakeholders (the GRIDSTOR project) to develop the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice. Focusing on safety, operation and performance, it offers a single, global framework for creating and operating safe and sustainable energy storage. 

On January 12th 2016, DNV officially published the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice (DNV-RP-0043).

The GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice closes the gaps in existing standards by:

  • covering a broad range of energy storage technologies and applications
  • using a system-level approach
  • offering a clear, comprehensive structure
  • linking to all key standards and guidelines from a single document
  • providing simple, clear and practice-based additional guidance where needed, in harmony with all of those standards and guidelines.

Clear, practice-based guidelines for all stakeholders
Using the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice, you can be confident your system meets specific and shared safety, operational and performance criteria. It provides you with a framework for achieving your goal whether you are (for example):

  • A user who wants to be sure you are choosing the right grid-connected energy storage system
  • An aggregator who wants to develop an RfP
  • A manufacturer who wants to demonstrate the quality and safety of your system and distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • An investor who wants to ensure the system you intend to invest in meets performance criteria and is operated correctly

Complete confidence, with tailored services
The Recommended Practice is freely available and usable. To help you make the most it, DNV offers dedicated services with tailored support for your grid-connected energy storage system project. We put our extensive experience in technology qualifications, grids and the renewable energy market to work for you. You have a quality guarantee that makes everything clear between buyer and supplier, for complete confidence and a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Services include:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Owner’s engineering
  • Market assessment
  • Technology reviews
  • Testing  

Learn more by downloading our GRIDSTOR brochure.

The GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice (RP) was updated in September 2017. The new version incorporates the latest storage technologies and market developments and provides the most up to date recommendations on safety, operation and performance for grid-connected energy storage systems. Learn more about the update

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