Energy storage performance testing solutions

From small battery cells to megawatt energy storage systems: DNV offers independent laboratory and on-site performance testing and verification

The “real” performance of an energy storage system (ESS) depends on the way the system is used, i.e., what the charging and discharging profiles look like, at what temperatures, frequencies, etc. The test facilities at DNV’s BEST Test Center simulate various environmental conditions and usage profiles and characterize the performance and life expectancy of battery cells and systems for any given application.  

The performance results gained from testing at BEST Test Center can then be used directly by our customers or by DNV’s consultants to evaluate predicted performance in a given application, provide warranty verifications, support project financings with Independent Engineering reports, or evaluate total costs of ownership of an ESS.

BEST Test Center has 400 cycler channels, 15 environmental chambers, multiple positive pressure ambient chambers, grid, house load and photovoltaic simulators, and advanced test and measuring equipment in its ISO 17025 accredited test facility in Rochester, NY. This large capacity ensures highly efficient testing and getting to results fast with the quality you can expect from DNV. 

Examples of Performance Testing Projects performed at BEST Test Center: 

  • Cell degradation testing through cycling at different charge and discharge rates, different levels of charge (SOC and DSOC), and different temperatures 
  • Lifetime / Warranty testing of cells, modules, and systems 
  • Comparison testing of different cell types for suitability for an application 
  • Cell performance profiling using DNV’s evaluation matrix (Product Qualification Program of PQP) for inclusion in the Battery Performance Scorecard program and independent comparison with other cells on the market 
  • Cell characterization for input into the Battery AI performance prediction tool, DNV’s proprietary A/I system that can predict performance and lifetime in different use cases  
  • Module and system level performance tests (up to 240 kW) simulating usage profiles and extreme situations (e.g., overcharge, failure of the BMS, etc.) and varied temperatures to evaluate performance and safety 
  • Solar-Plus-Storage system solution testing, using grid simulators, house-loads and PV simulators to validate performance and lifetime 
  • Grid tests and modeling of grid-connected storage applications 
  • Customized testing solutions: 
    • Evaluation of new types of cells or energy storage systems 
    • Providing additional capacity to speed-up customer testing programs 
    • Independent performance verification
    • Tests on any direct current (DC) energy source, e.g., battery, charger and fuel cells. 

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