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ECO Lines – fuel efficient hull design

Let your design benefit from a fast, efficient and unique approach that yields highest fuel efficiency in actual operation.

Hull design is the number one factor in fuel efficiency. It impacts profitability, competitiveness and ship value. Because there is such a wide range of options to consider, design optimisation is highly challenging.

Our design experts provide crucial support to maximise the overall performance of your ship.  Our unique approach combines parametric modelling, advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and genetic optimisation strategies – defining the forefront of hull line optimisation.  

We work hand-in-hand with your technical staff and design team to ensure their views and constraints are reflected in the assessment. You will understand the impact of the different design options, while we provide support in the technical transfer of results. Finally, we are at your side during tank testing for validating the design’s predicted performance level. 

Key elements of our approach include:

  • Optimisation for your specific operating parameters, such as speed, draught and trim
  • Full evaluation of some 20,000 hull variations to find the overall best design
  • Design proposals offering the best possible solution within your constraints
  • Consideration of your specific set of objectives and requirements
  • A variety of additional, optional objectives, e.g. cost related to cargo intake, slamming and seakeeping capabilities, noise, bubble generation and sweep down, ice breaking capabilities
  • Use of the most appropriate analysis tool for specific objectives, e.g. fully viscous RANS CFD to optimize and determine vessel power demand
  • Application of our unique form-parametric hull model for most efficient, automatic modification proposals and variation with maximum shape freedom 
  • Optional asymmetric stern evaluation, which can be directly included in the optimization process. Learn more.

Boost the overall performance of your ship – with DNV’s ECO Lines:

  • Maximum fuel efficiency and thus minimum fuel costs over the lifetime of your vessel
  • Increased economic value and higher vessel attractiveness on the market, offering a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Outstanding quality and recognition thanks to an industry-leading combination of skills, software tools and computational capacity
  • Independent support to meet your business’s specific requirements at the highest standards

More about ECO Lines

  ECO Lines flyer

ECO Lines flyer

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  Asymmetric sterns

Asymmetric sterns

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