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Cutting-edge asymmetric stern design

The twisted aft shape is a very challenging design due to the complex nature of the flow field for each individual vessel. Finding the right balance between optimal pre-swirl and resistance by manual design is a very challenging undertaking – up to now. 

Thanks to new and cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods, the Fluid Engineering experts at DNV GL can develop and assess many hundreds of design options to support you in finding the best twisted aft shape for your vessel. 

Highly advanced computational fluid design (CFD) tools developed in house  make it possible to accurately assess the performance of even the most complicated aft shapes. Our unique procedures ensure that you as a ship owner have the best asymmetric aft shape which also meets the relevant design requirements.

Our asymmetric stern design service covers:

  • Coupling of viscous RANS simulation for the ship and rudder with a state-of-the-art propeller analysis code
  • Dedicated propeller simulation for sufficient accuracy of the asymmetric stern effect
  • Many design options to get the best twisted aft shape 
  • Close cooperation with the shipyard or design office

The asymmetric stern optimization is an optional addition to our well established formal hull lines optimization service ‘ECO Lines’.

Count on DNV GL for the reliable calculations that ensure the best asymmetric aft design for your specific vessel:

  • Gain up to 5% in fuel efficiency with the asymmetric aft shape
  • Highly robust structure  without appendages as fins or ducts
  • In-house tools providing precise calculations, from pioneers in parametric hull lines optimization
  • Reliable calculations, confirmed by many hundreds of model test results
  • Fluid Engineering experts with high analytical abilities to draw the right conclusions help to boost your buisiness’s efficiency
  • Smooth processes for speedy results and responses

More about asymmetric stern and related services

  ECO Lines with asymmetric stern

ECO Lines with asymmetric stern

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  White paper for download

White paper for download

Optimization of ships with asymmetric aftbodies

  ECO Lines service

ECO Lines service

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