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Improve efficiency and collaboration in offshore engineering by sharing and visualizing results with Sesam Insight.

Collaboration in offshore engineering

In many cases, structural analysis models remain within the engineering department during and after the design phase. However, the models can be of great value to stakeholders both in other departments and across organizations. The importance of collaboration in offshore engineering cannot be overestimated.

Common concerns in offshore engineering include lack of transparency and inefficiencies in communication and collaboration. Non-efficient communication among asset owners, contractors and regulatory bodies can be costly, prone to misunderstanding and distract engineers from actual design and engineering work. These challenges can also be present within an organization, between project teams and offshore operations.

This is why results-oriented companies are looking for more modern, transparent and digital ways of delivering work through collaboration in offshore engineering.

View engineering models with Sesam Insight

Sesam Insight lets you easily share and collaborate on engineering models through any browser and across devices, such as computer, tablet and smartphone. There is no need for pre-installed desktop applications.

Assessing and viewing engineering models made in our offshore structural engineering software Sesam is easy with the Insight application. It provides central storage of the latest analysis model as well as previous revisions. The files are securely stored in the cloud, while the asset owner can handle detailed access rights. Sesam Insight establishes a single source of truth, a 'digital twin', for all involved stakeholders.

Sesam Insight helps to clarify ownership of the analysis model and provides a platform for collaboration in offshore engineering. The models contain crucial information for the operational phase, but without Sesam Insight the data may not be accessible to relevant teams. Additional data such as inspection findings, code checks and sensor locations can be added to the model. This can provide decision support to offshore operations by visualizing the structural impact of planned activities. Color coding, labeling and drill down features applied to your custom data are intuitive and easy to use.

With the Insight collaboration tool, you leverage the full potential of your engineering models throughout the asset's entire lifecycle.

Collaboration in offshore engineering is improved by Sesam Insight's ability to:

  • Provide valuable information to all stakeholders - even those who do not have a Sesam user licence
  • Take advantage of the ease of use that allows non-experts to profit from structural analysis results and assess the asset's condition
  • Build shared understanding across teams
  • Access models across devices (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Comment directly on the 3D model, creating logged threads and attaching pictures, videos and reports to specific parts of the model
  • Visualize geometry, key properties and analysis results
  • Add additional data and customize using colour coding and labeling
  • Allow the data owner full control in issuing data access internally and externally

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