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Unlock the value of your engineering models with Sesam Insight

It is time to collaborate and deliver projects in a smarter way

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While crucial information is built into structure analysis models, ensuring all relevant stakeholders have quick access isn’t always a straightforward process. Too much time is spent reviewing long emails, reports and presentations. In addition, data that could benefit several disciplines throughout the lifecycle of an asset remain trapped, only viewable by those with access to the engineering software.

It is time to collaborate and deliver projects in a smarter way. With Sesam Insight you can easily view and assess engineering models, securely collaborating with all project partners through a web browser. Share insights among stakeholders throughout the asset’s entire lifecycle. Sesam Insight optimizes your workflow, reduces risk of error and gives you one single source of truth.

The 3D model in Sesam Insight can be the starting point for all investigations, allowing you to drill into specific parts of the model and seamlessly link data from other sources to show a live sensor feed. Asset integrity data can also be visualized on the model together with structural information from Sesam. 

In this webinar video we will demonstrate how you can unlock the value of your engineering models with Sesam Insight, focusing on:

  • Collaboration and communication on structural engineering models 
  • Combination of strength assessment and asset integrity data on fixed offshore structures 
  • Visualization of fatigue damage on offshore wind turbine foundations 
  • Display of sensor locations on ships for easy access to relevant data