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Perform faster analyses with cloud FEA software for design and strength assessment in offshore engineering.

Cloud FEA for reduced analysis time

The required finite element analyses (FEA) needed for design and strength assessment of offshore projects are increasing and becoming more complex. Additionally, there is pressure on project teams to work faster and more cost efficient. Significant computational power is needed to run all analyses in the required time.

As the demands on processing power increase, one option is to invest in hardware, IT staff and upgrades. The alternative is to leverage the computational power of the cloud, or a combination of local IT infrastructure and the cloud.

What is cloud FEA?

Cloud FEA computing is a service providing on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources to perform finite element analysis (FEA) on numerous load cases. Due to its flexibility and scalability it can reduce run-times to a fraction of the time needed for on-premise analyses, greatly increasing efficiency in structural engineering.

Structural analyses in the cloud

Sesam's cloud compute services give access to virtually unlimited computational power. With our cloud FEA compute service, users can run their structural analyses in the cloud, enabling fast, simultaneous runs of many load cases. The status of the analyses can be monitored online and results are downloaded automatically once the runs are finished if desired.

Cloud FEA improves efficiency in offshore engineering by:

  • Access to compute resources in the cloud allows you to outsource time-intensive computations to dedicated data centers and use as many virtual machines as you need on a temporary basis
  • Running analysis in parallel with cloud FEA allows returning results for large sets of load cases much faster than locally. The more runs in parallel, the faster (compared to a local machine with limited resources).
  • Shorter design cycles mean more design iterations within the given project time frame, allowing you to further optimize the design and gain a competitive edge

Sesam's cloud compute services are currently available for Sesam for offshore wind.

Sesam - COWI - Erlend Gjeldstad Jakobsen

With Sesam we have one go-to tool for structural analysis, both for bottom-fixed foundations and floating foundations for offshore wind.

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  • COWI

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Customer case: COWI

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Cloud FEA for offshore wind projects



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