Cloud FEA for offshore wind projects

Structural analysis in the cloud for reduced analysis time

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The required analyses needed for design and strength assessment of offshore wind projects are increasing. Additionally, there is pressure on project teams to work faster and more cost efficiently. Significant computational power is needed to do all necessary design iterations within the required project time frame. DNV’s cloud FEA compute services give access to virtually unlimited computational power. Users can run structural analyses in the cloud, enabling fast, simultaneous runs of many load cases. In this presentation we run through the superelement workflow using the structural engineering software tools Sesam and Bladed, focusing on the implemented cloud computing functionalities. 


  • Introduction to modelling in Sesam and Bladed 
  • Generation of foundation superelements and wave loads in the cloud 
  • Structural analysis based on superelement, wave loads and wind turbine to generate wind turbine interface loads in the cloud 
  • Structural analysis using foundation, wave and wind turbine interface loads in the cloud 
  • Viewing results in the cloud using Sesam Insight 
  • Re-running post-processing for redesign in the cloud 

About the speakers: 

Laurens Alblas has been working in DNV at Høvik, Norway, since 2012 and has a background in aerospace engineering and wind energy. He is currently Product Manager for Sesam for offshore wind, responsible for further improving and optimizing the way strength assessment software is being used in the offshore wind industry. William Collier is a Chartered Engineer with the position of Senior Engineer at DNV, specialising in numerical modelling of wind turbines. He is primarily responsible for the structural dynamics modelling in the aero-elastic modelling code Bladed and has extensive experience of load simulation and validation studies for wind turbines.