The Future of Management Systems

How will management systems support businesses ten years from now?

Management systems must adapt to be relevant also in the future.

Organizations have used management systems for decades to help them create value and reach their objectives. They help companies manage in a systematic way issues related to a wide range of areas such as quality, occupational health, safety, environment, social and ethical.

When integrated and implemented well, they can help companies actively manage risks and continually improve their performance. But for management systems to continue to be a driving force for change, they must adapt to support companies to tackle the broader set of challenges they face.

We have through the last year gathered qualitative input from a range of companies in different industries and geographies in order to envision a future state of management systems and how they continue to add value for organizations in the years to come.

Explore the future with us through the eyes of five highly diverse companies in five very different industries. What is the transformation these companies will have to undergo due to industry and mega-trends? What changes, developments and radical innovations will these companies undertake in order to grow and continue to be viable businesses? And how have management systems evolved to support business processes and operations?

We see an optimistic future for management systems. But to help achieve it, we would welcome your involvement, thoughts and ideas and help us co-create the future of management systems. So please voice your opinion in our LinkedIN discussion group and our survey.