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DNV's Power an renewables team works with a large number of international partners to develop insight and new services for the rapid changing power industry. The power system changes from both the demand and the supply side: the introduction of massive amounts of renewables, both solar and wind on the power supply side and continuous electrification of demand, like electrification of transport, heat and industrial processes on the demand side.. These changes have   profound impact on the power system, requiring the grid to evolve as well while introducing new technologies like HVDC, power electronics, storage and active control of demand. Long term investment decisions are made under uncertain and changing market circumstances. Our work is addressing three main research questions:

Renewables: how to decrease the cost and increase insight and income for solar and wind industry?

Grid transition: how to safely introduce new grid technologies like HVDC, smart grids and storage?

Power Cybernetics: what is the impact of the massive introduction of power electronics and software controllers and what assurance is required?

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