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ISRS Summit software

ISRS Summit is software to facilitate an ISRS assessment. It is a networked tool to measure, improve and demonstrate the implementation of your management system.


ISRS Summit has two parts: 

  • The Internet application is used to create new assessments and for analysis and reporting of results. The Internet application must be used online.
  • The recording tool is used during an assessment for capturing scores and comments. The recording tool can be used offline. 

When online, assessment data is stored and backed up on a secure data centre.

Assessments may be shared within the project team members. Organizations may give their users access rights to view all assessments within the organization or a sub organization providing managers with a live overview of the status of assessments on all business units. This is a valuable aid for decision support and sharing good practice.

Powerful reporting facilities

ISRS Summit has powerful reporting facilities. The assessment report provides an executive report of summary scores, graphs and notes of the completed assessment. The workbook report is a fully detailed report of all scores and comments on every question in your assessment. Custom reports can also be created.


ISRS Summit is multilingual and supports Chinese, English, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. ISRS Summit supports ISRS 6th, 7th and 8th editions.

Unlimited access to the ISRS Summit assessment software is provided to all ISRS License holders.

Free trial of demo software

Free trial of ISRS Summit demo software is available if required.

ISRS Summit may be used on any computer with Microsoft Windows Explorer (Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 should be installed). ISRS Summit is supplied subject to the Terms and Conditions of the ISRS License Agreement.