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MyISRS is a digital tool which lets companies review the health of their business processes by assessing their safety and sustainability performance online.


It builds on DNV’s International Sustainability Rating System (ISRS), used by global businesses for more than 40 years to assess, improve and demonstrate the health of their business processes.

ISRS already helps hundreds of companies with assessing and improving their business processes, based on fifteen management system core elements, which can then be benchmarked against other companies' performance. By enabling organizations to self-assess safety and sustainability management processes, MyISRS accelerates the ISRS assessment turnaround time significantly.

How MyISRS accelerates your assessment

Employees can take the online survey in MyISRS as soon as the organization grants them access to the tool. The self-assessment survey includes about 160 questions derived from across all business processes in the ISRS management system framework. Survey results and progress on completion rates are accessible through the online dashboard.

For organisations that have not used ISRS in the past, the online perception-based self-assessment provides quick insights to identify critical weaknesses and strengths of their safety and sustainable practices.

MyISRS brings a complementary approach to the traditional ISRS assessments, by allowing businesses to take regular snapshots and then demonstrate continuous and seamless management control over multiple areas.

ISRS is non-industry specific. Loyal users of ISRS come from a range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Utilities, Power Generation (incl. Renewables and Nuclear), Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Food and Beverage, Maritime, etc..

More than just a complementary approach to ISRS, MyISRS has the potential to unlock unique values, since it allows to run periodic self-checks and diagnosis and, consequently, to quickly identify incipient management practices degradations, favoring c-level to take timely informed decisions.

Selva Subramaniam

Since its launch over 40 years ago, ISRS has been continually evolved in collaboration with our major global customers operating in many different industries. The launch of MyISRS is the pinnacle of all the hard effort that was put into improving this tool. It aims to improve efficiency and customer interaction, enhance incident reporting and investigations, and improve benchmarking.

  • Selva Subramaniam ,
  • Head of ISRS Product Centre ,
  • DNV